Bob…a London Cat

A few weeks ago I received an email from a crowd funding group alerting me to a new campaign to open a Cat Café.

Bobs World Cat Café is the brainchild of James Bowen former Big Issue seller and popular busker in Covent Garden, and his constant furry ginger companion “Street Cat Bob”, who has become a star in his own right featuring in several best selling books.


The books tell of James’s story and his friendship with Bob.

“I was homeless and struggling with substance abuse before I met a little ginger stray tom cat, whom I have named Bob, who has helped me realise that there are more things in life to focus on than drugs. He helped me overcome addiction, by being a loyal and compassionate companion, and giving me something other than myself to look after. He has simply become my best friend, and has looked after me just as much as I have him.”….James Bowen


James and Bob

The cat café which will be called Bob’s World is aiming to open in the North London and will be populated with cats that have been rescued, providing “a home for homeless, abused or unwanted cats” as well as a place for “other like-minded individuals to come in and have tea, coffee and refreshments whilst being surrounded by cats”.

To read more about the campaign and donate towards its fundraising go to

I have published this in advance of my next blog on London cats in order to highlight Bob’s campaign which closes in mid April.

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2 Responses to Bob…a London Cat

  1. Jane says:

    Aah, it’s good to see Bob the cat and his friend James doing well. How great that they’re having a cafe in their honour.

    But did you know that there’s already a cat cafe in London? It’s called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.
    I think it was also crowd funded and the cats there are rescue boys and girls too. Aaw. I keep meaning to go there when I’m in London. It looks like it’s got a different vibe to Bob’s cafe, so I’m sure there’s room for two in such a big city with so many cat lovers!

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